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Surviving Australian Summers

Here in Australia, it gets pretty hot. (In case you didn't know.) We're talking Dear-Lord-Please-Kill-Me-Now Hot, wherein a Canadian like myself forgets what being cold is like. It's fun. (Kidding. (It isn't.))

I've lived in Australia for six years now, meaning I have had to survive six summers and let me tell you, it hasn't been easy. With all my experience, I thought I would share some survival tips in case there are people who are in a similar situation to myself. 

Surviving Australian Summers Tip #1: Don't Live in Australia

This one seems a bit obvious, but also the most helpful. If you avoid living in Australia, you will never run into an Australian summer. Logic.

Surviving Australian Summers Tip #2: Have an Amazing Air-Con

And not only have an amazing air-conditioner, but have several. Preferably several in each room. I personally have a whole air-con for my bookshelf. Also another in my closet. And like three in my car. (Make sure you crank the temperatur…

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